Mumbai, March 24 (IANS) Senior journalist Ayaz Memon has been roped in as the mentor of — the latest venture by digital media firm DigiOsmosis.

Ayaz, who has been writing and reporting on sports for over three decades will now present a unique combination of sports and lifestyle news to the masses.

Ayaz will also be reporting live on various sporting events on the and aims to keep fans up-to-date on all the action.

Apart from focusing on innovative segments like social sporting trends, nostalgia, gossip, legends, statistics, live scoring and much more, Sportswallah will partner with lifestyle experts and create content that centres around the trends, looks, fashion and lifestyles of not just the athletes but also teams and even the games themselves.

“Interest in sports is undergoing a massive change globally and particularly in India. While serious sports content — driven by quality reportage and trenchant analyses — is still highly coveted, the younger generation is also keen to find out more about what’s going on in a sportsperson’s life in a 360 degree prism. Sportswallah aims to meet the demands and expectations of all factions of sports followers,” Ayaz said in a statement.

Source: Sify