Can you help Inspector Kabir Sawant to solve the mystery?
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A perfect blend of gamification & Instagram. This is a good use case on how to effectively use Instagram platform for social media promotions & user engagement.

Amazon Prime in order to promote their new show @breatheamazon have created a unique Instagram experience involving users to help Kabir Sawant.

The cult character Kabir Sawant played by @theamitsadh takes up his new case in season 2 of the series. @primevideoin have curated an engaging Instagram activity for users to help Kabir Sawant to investigate some cases.

This activity is an innovative crime-solving challenge on Instagram, making use of the platform’s “profile tag” and “highlight” feature to set users upon a trail of crime by solving the case and to catch the kidnapper.

Through the experience, users are taken through a series of stories and profile tags that either reveal new info or end up confusing you. Sticking to the true nature of Instagram which is Stories, static post, videos and profile tags, the user gets a chance to interact via selective options which helps the user to move forward with the investigation as per show’s narrative.

Through the game, user understands the situation, the various characters at play & where case is headed. What happens next will leave them on a cliffhanger as they end up finding some pieces of evidence. But whether they will be able to solve the case solely depends on how the user plays the game.

Interesting. A must try for all social media enthusiasts, marketing enthusiasts and the lovers of the show Breathe. It’s truly engaging.

Source: Allaboutmarketing