Digi Osmosis, the newly incepted mar-tech agency has crafted a unique campaign for R Balki’s latest production Ki & Ka with respect to their trailer launch. On a social media platform, the success of a campaign or idea depends on three main quotients, namely, quirk, simplicity and appeal. Digi Osmosis took a cue from this and tailored the campaign around the bit of Ki & Ka everyone has in them. They devised a unique way for people to relate to the characters by creating a special app for the Ki & Ka Facebook page.

Once the viewer has watched the trailer on their Facebook page, a question pops up asking the viewer ‘Who are you in your life, Ki or Ka?’ It asks the viewer if they are the independent, career-oriented, outspoken Ki or the homely, loving and caring Ka. It makes the viewer think and that is exactly what the filmmakers intended.

After the viewer answers and clicks the share button, the trailer is shared on the user’s timeline on Facebook.

Commenting on the campaign Manish Kumar- Founder, Digi Osmosis, said, “For this trailer, the strategy was simple; there are thousands of people who identify with Ki&Ka on a very personal level. They will find it to be a very interesting activity and in turn share it with their friends. Their friends in turn, find it a quirky and engage with the trailer, repeating the process. This encourages share-ability, a factor crucial for social media and creates a simple viral chain garnering the reactions required.”

R Balki Director & Producer, Ki & Ka mentioned, “It has been a terrific learning experience for me working with the Digi Osmosis team. I gave them the trailer of Ki & Ka and they just had a few hours to convert it into an active engagement piece rather than a passive experience. They developed an app embedded in the trailer to make the viewer see herself/ himself as the characters in the story and respond. Simple. Innovative. And really on the ball.”

Source: Campaignbriefasia