There are numerous apps that feed you sports news but have you ever come across an app that tells you about the lifestyle of your favourite sports star! Like what do they do to get that chiseled body? How do they keep themselves fit? What is the diet they follow? Which are their favourite vacay destinations? Who styles their hair etc? None tells you that, right?

We all have sports stars we admire and we wish to know more about them. As fans we want to know them in person- what they wear, what they own, which cars do they like etc.

Keeping in mind the dearth of sports lifestyle news as well as the increasing demand for it from the fans, Digi Osmosis, one of India’s boutique entertainment and sports digital agency has launched Sportswallah : India’s first Sports Lifestyle app!

From having over 8 million fans on their social media pages, Sportswallah – a lifestyle publication, is now a user friendly app.

The app aims at bringing in off the field sports activities as a part of mainstream sports news and gives a peek-a-boo into the lifestyle of sports stars from every field, be it a chess master or a cricket sensation! The app features a variety of sports from popular Indian sports such as cricket, football to International sports such as WWE, Badminton, etc. It also takes you through a joyful ride of a variety of growing sporting formats such as adventure sports like mountain biking, bungee jumping to name a few. The stories, images and videos create a live experience for the readers to get a sneak peak into their favorite sport star’s lifestyle.

With just one flick and left swipe you can now read about Virat Kohli’s secret diet to Ronaldo’s different hairdo to Tiger Woods’ costly mansion. Not just that sharing it with your friends is just a matter of a click.

Sportswallah breaks away from just match statistics, match timelines and scoreboards and let’s one experience sports in a way that one passionately reads about entertainment. For the first time sports business and sponsorship stories are all being told in a picture story format making it entertaining and informative at the same time. You can now receive daily short motivation sports videos every morning and also gain inspiration in your life from the inspiring video segment speaking about sports stars and their struggles to make it to the top whilst not forgetting to highlight the hard work of para athletes for achieving success against all odds.

“We at Digi Osmosis aim to create relevant stories partnering with like-minded brands and build on our existing 8 million sports enthusiast followers on social media” said Manish Kumar CEO and Co – Founder at Digi Osmosis. “Our women audiences are one of our primary focus and in the months to follow we aim to grow our women reader base which is already more than any other sports sites in the country,” continued Kumar.

Not many of us have time to read news and prefer absorbing information fed in the form of videos. Catering to the need of viewers the app has news in a short video format.

Sportswallah has come up with its own IP video series called Pathfinders which showcases the lives of the coaches of sports stars. On the occasion of women’s day the app released a unique series on women sports stars titled ‘Pathbreakers.’

Source: Adgully