The film by Madison Communications & Digi Osmosis showcases how each colour of Holi stands for a culture or a tradition, and together they represent India as a whole.

IndianOil’s new digital topical film ‘RangAnekPehchaanEk’ on the occasion of Holi, commissioned by Madison Communications, conceptualized by Digi Osmosis Pvt Ltd, brings out a unique perspective, showcasing how every colour is identified with a tradition or ritual of the rich Indian culture but when these different colours blend together they represent India as a whole.

The film aims to connect with the youth via a topical event of Holi – a cheerful & vibrant festival that brings people together.

The campaign film depicts how in a country as culturally diverse as India, it is the simple expressions of colour that holds together a multitude of outlooks and traditions. The symbolism of colour stands out and represents every aspect of life in India, be it religion, festivals, or celebrations. It forms a part of the identity of different individuals with different beliefs in society.

However, when the colours blend together it is difficult to differentiate; metaphorically communicating the message to people that let us come together just like the colours and be identified as Indians first.

 Subodh Dakwale, Executive Director (Corporate Communication & Branding), IndianOil Corporation Limited says “India is almost like a palette of different colours and as one travels from one corner of the country to the other, the colours merge and then emerge to take on a different hue altogether. Similarly, IndianOil as a Corporation reaches out to all people across India, cutting across religious, linguistic and cultural diversities. Holi is one such joyous occasion which fits in very nicely with this ethos of the Corporation. ”

Manish Kumar, CEO and Founder, Digi Osmosis Pvt Ltd says “ We felt the festival of Holi was the perfect time to highlight the shades of India’s diversity, culture and spirit. And so, using colour, we captured the larger thought of ‘RangAnekPehchaanEk’ – a sentiment that today’s youth definitely believes in It’s indeed a great initiative by Indian Oil!”

Source: Exchange4media