Amidst memes and all things promotional about Paatal Lok, the personal touch in communication by Anushka Sharma truly stands out.

Crime Thriller Paatal Lok has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows recently. It is gritty, dark and gripping. On the part of the makers and the platform, Amazon Prime, no stone has been left unturned to popularise it on social media. Remember the long post that created a buzz a few days ago? However, there is an interesting aspect to the promotions of Paatal Lok — the part being played by Anushka Sharma, the co-founder of Clean Slate Films, the banner under which the show has been produced.

The show being her banner’s first, adding to the world of binge-watching has become an important part of her social media identity as part of the promotion efforts. While other players are equally vocal, if not more, in promoting the show, there is a quality of personal and passion in her posts that stand out, helping the show garner more quality attention.

Reverse identity

Anushka Sharma has changed her social media display pictures to one where she is upside down, mirroring the theme of the promotional posters. The accompanying bio too has been written in an upside-down typeface. While it is not an unprecedented move, it adds a layer of intrigue as people might stop while scrolling and go visit the profile on seeing the picture.

Zoom into celebrations

In ordinary circumstances, success parties are a thing of glamour. There are paparazzi and designer labels flashing about. However, under the lockdown, a lot has come down to video calls, even celebrations. So, a success party picture with everyone looking into webcams wearing t-shirts was able to cut across the line between celebs and folks, making it relatable.

Winning memes

When it comes to virality and promotions, arguably there is nothing better than memes and meme templates. It gets even better when these are shared by prominent personalities, cracking a good-humoured joke on themselves. Sharing the Swarg Lok-Dharti Lok-Paatal Lok meme featuring her older movie looks, she was able to kickstart a meme marketing campaign.

Promotions in the air

The organic (Or was it? We shall never know!) banter between Bhuvan Bam and Amazon Prime Video was one of the key promotional instances for Paatal Lok. The quirky tweet was able to kickstart a conversation on whether it was an organic or paid, giving visibility to the show.

Another tweet that stood out was by cricketer Virat Kohli. A fun tweet by a loving husband, proud of her wife’s achievement, it was also able to further extend the scope of promotions to his followers, who presumably love cricket, adding a new dimension to prospective audiences for the show.

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Source: Socialsamosa