This topical world is not one world, it is three. And these brand posts narrate the details of the triad – Swarg Lok, Dharti Lok, and *hammering sound intensifies* Paatal Lok.

The Amazon Original – Paatal Lok, created by Sudip Sharma, and produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Filmz has been making noise more intense than the hammer since its release on May 15, and the meme template shared by her a few days ago has turned topical with Paatal Lok brand posts.

The three worlds Heaven, Earth, & Underworld, have been made synonymous with experiences relevant to their brand. One of the two dominant themes was the three states of experience – with heaven being maintained as an experience provided by their products & services, and the other was their offerings being available in all three worlds.

Anushka Sharma has subtly but efficiently used her influence to float the template and has swiftly gained organic media for the show. As, along with the brands leveraging the show’s topicality, the show is attaining promotions too.

The brands have also been able to portray their unique selling points & relatable scenarios through a simple format and in a language the users understand.

For instance, MOJO Pizza showing the three states of eating, Blu Smart presenting what Dharti can turn into, Paytm depicting its availability, and Beyoung sharing its USP. Mumbai Police shares the safest Lok, more brands trail up from the underground.

Waise ye ‘C’ kis ke liye hai?

Source: Socialsamosa