Influencer Amplification for Podcasts on Amazon Music

Amazon Music partnered with creators like Hoezaay, Varun Thakur, and Suhani Shah to bring an exciting range of podcasts to listeners. With engaging content from these talented individuals, Amazon Music aims to provide a diverse and entertaining podcasting experience. From witty humor to comedic banter and insightful storytelling, these podcasts offer something for everyone. Accessible on the Amazon Music app or website, users can easily enjoy these captivating shows on the go.

Ankush Bahuguna Meets Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Ankush Bahuguna interviewed Dr.Rangan Chatterjee in a candid conversation to promote his Podcast Built to Thrive available on Amazon Music.

Amazon Music Aaho! Playlist

Influencers Unleash Aaho Magic! Our influencer campaign for Amazon Music’s Aaho playlist hit the right notes. Creators such as Sanae Bubber, Zorawar Ahluwalia & Ashwyn Singh talk about why we must check out the Aaho! playlist!. Join them in the groove – experience Aaho’s! enchanting melodies today.

Amazon Music Top Tucker Playlist

Game On with Arjun Manohar & Sivakarthikeyan Doss! 😄 Join the fun as they take on an exciting game and turn up the volume with Amazon Music’s ‘Top Tucker’ playlist. Play, groove, and enjoy the beats!

Amazon Music Romantic & Horror Podcasts

Our influencer campaign for Amazon Music’s Horror and Romantic podcasts feat. top influencers such as Dharnaa, Rabia Sethi, Viplove and Aakanksha created some fun reels showcasing their preference of podcasts. Result?  A tidal wave of listeners and subscribers, reaffirming Amazon Music as the ultimate podcast hub. Thrills and Romance await – all thanks to influencer magic.

Best of 2023 So Far Podcasts!

Our influencer campaign with Gaurav Kapoor lit up Amazon Music’s ‘Best of 2023 So Far’ podcasts. His dynamic charisma and perfect comic timing was a great combination to promote this podcast campaign!