Our creative campaign for Avrodh highlighted the real-life story behind the Uri surgical strikes. We collaborated with a lot of video artists for mashup videos that focussed on patriotism. We also collaborated with Wattpad for a special Independence Day contest.
A creative countdown in the pre-release phase was a highlight of our creative campaign for Undekhi. We collaborated with multiple artists for fan arts as well as mashup videos that explored the intriguing plot of the show.
Our creative campaign was around the school life romance angle. We also collaborated with a number of artists for fan arts, which was used to promote the show.
Your Honor
The creative campaign for Your Honor along was led by a countdown on IG stories. We collaborated with a lot of independent artists and influencers, who produced different types of fan arts that we used to promote the show.
Our creative campaign on Hasmukh was mainly focused around fun, comical content in the grim lockdown phase.
Mannphodganj Ki Binny
Our creative route to promote the show was mainly focused on lockdown and how people were getting along with ‘the new normal’. As Ramayana was a trending topic at that time, a few of our content pieces were focused on that.
A creative led campaign was planned for the show as it had released in the early lockdown days. All our promotional content was around the lockdown and social distancing, which at that point of time was the talk of the town.