Leveraging Trending Templates
An Instagram story campaign wherein various influencers, content creators and actors use the trendy Panchayat template and further tagged their friends.
Fan Art Amplification
Various artists recreated their favourute scenes from the show.
Content Creators
Content Creators created unique content around the various talking points and our main core communication of showcasing a simple life vs mordern life.
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"When you see the first shot of the village Phulera, you know that you are in for a ride that will be different, unique, unforgettable and yet completely real. No, the series doesn't try to make you fall in love with a village where the electricity goes off every night, nor does it romanticize the village life, what Panchayat does is tell you the story of a bunch of people that's real, completely honest and relatable. Abhishek does not have an option but to accept the job of Panchayat secretary in Phulera. He does it grudgingly, but slowly as time passes, he learns to embrace it. What I loved the most is that Abhishek is really relatable. When you see him, you can see parts of yourself in him, that part of us that has been lost, clueless and who tries to make the best of circumstances. Abhishek is honest, he does not try to make you believe that he is happy, nor does he try and sell you the idea that life in a village is beautiful. Maybe that's why when you see the other residents of Phulera through Abhishek, you see them as they are. Panchayat is also about Pradhan, her husband who governs in her stead, a deputy Pradhan and an office boy, who are the other central characters, it's about a bunch of people who sometimes come across as crooked, yet they are naive and have simple things in their mind. Their dreams are bound by their circumstances and the society within which they live. Every character is portrayed by actors who transform themselves into the people you want them to see, you don't see the actors, you only see the characters who are telling you their story. What Panchayat has is a lot of heart and soul, the emotions it portrays are nuanced, subtle, and never exaggerated. It's like a quiet breeze on a summer evening, you will smile because it's beautiful and sometimes it's the most simple things that makes it so." . . . @paro.__ writes a #humansofstreaming on the new show 'Panchayat', streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. @primevideoin #PanchayatOnPrime

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