Paatal Ke Dwaar : Pre Trailer Build Up
Various Influencers shared the website link which had the unlisted link to the trailer and spoke of what they felt about the trailer
Influencers uploaded Instagram stories by sharing their reactions post watching the show
3D Audio Amplification
Influencers tried the 3D audio asset and pushed the audiences to try it out as well
AR Filter Amplification
A filter which informed people which Lok they belonged to through influencers who are known to use filters
Youtube Reacts
“Youtube reviewers created reaction vidoes on Paatal Lok so as the audience gets an idea about the show. It included talking about the plot, ending explained, their favorite characters and a lot more.”
Content Creators
Content Creators from various genre created unique content pieces around the show using hook points from our core communication
Fan Artย Amplification

Various artists created different posters from the show to create a cult fanbase